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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Insidious link between corporate interests and climate change

If you have ever wondered why we need campaign finance reform, I encourage you to read this article from yesterday's New York Times. The White House's policy on global climate change is being set by a former lobbyist from the American Petroleum Institute! It is yet another example of how corporate interests are taking precedence over the long-term interests of America -- and, in this case, the world.

This is disturbing on a number of fronts. First, the financial interests (i.e. profits) of the gas and oil industry are clearly at odds with trying to control carbon emissions. Secondly, the lobbyist has no training or background in science ... and, therefore, it is rather easy to conclude that he is simply basing his policy on the economic interests of the oil industry and not on science! Issues as serious as global climate change need to determined by science and fact ... not the short-term profits of oil executives.

A few years ago, 68 Nobel Lauruates signed a letter to President Bush stating that global change was a real and serious issue. More recently, the science academies of 11 countries -- including the U.S. -- have stated "the scientific understanding of climate change is now sufficiently clear to justify nations taking prompt action."

So let's start taking action! As your next senator, I promise to not only work diligently to promote renewable energies and reduce the emissions that are contributing to global climate change, I also promise not take money from any corporate or special interest groups.

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